Frequently Asked Questions/Terms & Conditions

How do I book your services?

Click on “Book Us” and fill out our booking form to see if your preferred date is available.

How do I pay for your services?

We will email you the necessary steps. But first, you must secure your date with a non-refundable 50% deposit. The remaining 50% will need to be paid 3 days prior to your picnic

Do you charge for more than 2 hours?

If agreed upon during booking, we will not charge for additional time. Last minute changes, however, will be subject to an additional fee as it could affect other same day bookings.

Do you provide alcohol?

Unfortunately, San Diego limits us with the liquor laws. Consuming alcohol in public places is prohibited in most areas we serve. Therefore, we can’t serve it.

Are you vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free friendly?

We can be. Please note those requests in your booking form. We try to accommodate all reasonable requests.

What happens if it rains?

Our main goal is to enjoy outside together, but we also can easily adapt. We can’t control the weather, therefore we do not accept refunds but we will gladly host in your home or reschedule if possible. (no additional charge will be added if rescheduled before 72 hours of your scheduled picnic)

If I have to leave early, what do I do?

You are responsible for our items during the allotted 2 hour time frame. We understand things come up, so we politely ask for a 30 min courtesy call should you decide to leave early. Any damage occurred will be subject to a fee.

How can I cancel?

Email us. You can cancel up to 3 business days prior to your picnic. However, the 50% deposit is non-refundable. We will always try and work with you on other scheduling arrangements should you need it.

What if I caused damage to an item?

You may be billed for items that are broken or linen that needs to be professionally dry cleaned.

Our items are incredibly important to us. We have spent an extreme amount of time finding these rare vintage, thrifted items.

Due to the nature of COVID-19 and the most recent recommendations…

everyone in your party must belong to the same household. by agreeing to this in your booking form, you release all liability of covid-19 related injuries (or any other injuries) during the time of your picnic. therefore, you agree to: social distance, wear masks, and take all precautions during the allotted picnic time.

Terms & Conditions

1. Deposit

A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required to secure an Outside Together Co. Event.

Deposits should be made by the Client more than 72 hours before intended Event Date. The payment in full is due 72 hours before intended Event Date.

2. Rescheduling and Cancellation

Any cancellation will result in loss of 50% non-refundable deposit.

In the case of rain, the client has up to 72 hours prior to the Event to decide if they would like to make alternate arrangements at an indoor location or reschedule the Event.

The Client has a 6 month limit following the cancelled event for rescheduling and must be of equal or higher value.

Outside Together Co. can not guarantee the Client’s intended rescheduled Event Date and Time.

Outside Together Co. will apply the Client’s original 50% non-refundable deposit toward this rescheduled Event Date if it is within 6 months of the original Event Date.

If Outside Together Co. is not notified of cancellation, intent of rescheduling or change in venue a minimum of 72 hours prior to Event Date, no refunds of any kind will be provided.

If Outside Together Co. has not received payment in full within 24 hours of intended Event Date and Time, Outside Together Co. reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the Event while retaining the 50% non-refundable deposit.

In the case the weather forecast predicts wet weather, Outside Together Co. reserves the right to choose not to assemble items outdoors; therefore, asking for indoor options as a backup. This is the Client’s responsibility to choose an indoor location and reschedule-not Outside Together Co. This must be done within 72 hours of Event Date and Time.

If the weather is forecasting rain and the Client chooses to keep Event Date and Time despite weather forecasting of rain, Client releases the ability to reschedule if not done within 72 hours of intended Event Date.

3. Loss or Damage to Rental Items

All rental supplied to the Client are property of Outside Together Co. unless otherwise stated in a signed invoice.

Damage to or loss of rental items within the period of booking as detailed in the invoice, will be reported by the Client to Outside Together Co. immediately.

If the rental items are lost, the Client must pay Outside Together Co. the current replacement cost of the rental item(s).

If the rental items are damaged, the Client must pay for all repairs.

4. Security

The Client is responsible for the supervision and security of Outside Together Co. rental items until such time that it is collected by an Outside Together Co. staff member.

In the event that rental items are stolen from the venue or location;

The Client shall notify in writing stating the full circumstances of the theft and the time the police were notified.

Until Outside Together Co. receives such notification, the rental charges will continue.

The Client agrees to cover the costs to replace items stolen under the supervision of the Client during the period of hire.

5. Liability

Outside Together Co. accepts no liability of Covid-19 exposure.

Client shall understand the risk associated with being amongst others at an intimate picnic setting. Client assumes all responsibility associated if a person in attendance of the Event claims to have contracted Covid-19 during the Event. This includes all costs, medical bills, attorney fees, claims costs, or litigation expenses. Outside Together Co. and Client both agree to follow any and all safety policies and precautions associated with Covid-19.

Outside Together Co. accepts no liability for injuries sustained where the Client or guests of Event move or incorrectly use items against recommendation or instruction of Outside Together Co.

Outside Together Co. accepts no liability of weather related incidents such as strong winds-ie. tipping of tables, tipping of umbrellas. Or any other injury associated at the time of hire.

6. Payment Terms

All payments are strictly due 3 days prior to Event Date by 11:59PM PST. Payment should be made by way of Venmo.

Bookings can not be confirmed without a 50% deposit. Failure to pay the full amount 3 days prior to Event, may result in cancellation of a booking and loss of deposit.

7. Alcohol Consumption

It is the responsibility of the Client to check alcohol laws of any venue or location being used for one of our picnics.

Most beaches and public parks prohibit alcohol consumption. Outside Together Co. takes no responsibility for any alcohol-related penalties that have occurred during the Event.

8. Interpretaion

“Outside Together Co.” means the business responsible for the booking package and rental of items.

“Client” means the person or business who will be renting items and to whom the booking form is addressed.

“Rental items” means furniture, glassware, tableware, flatware, linens, decor and associated accessories in packages rented by the Client from Outside Together Co.